Our Mission

Cost Plus Pools, Inc is a company committed to building high quality, custom pools.

Cost Plus Pools, Inc believes that a customer’s satisfaction is a goal we must strive to achieve, every time. It’s not always easy but in the end it’s right.

Cost Plus Pools, Inc will always be fair and reasonable with our clients and take the time necessary to work through any questions and concerns you may have before entering into an agreement. Once under contract, Cost Plus Pools, Inc strives to remain on an orderly schedule with the fewest delays. If changes occur, which sometimes happens, Cost Plus Pools, Inc will work through them in a timely manner.

Cost Plus Pools, Inc understands that building a waterscape is a creative process so it is important to educate our clients on all of their options. We want you to play a vital role in the development of your very own private paradise. Some clients, however, may not want to be bothered with some, or all, of the details, so we can easily assist in making whatever decisions you would like us to.

Cost Plus Pools, Inc will always be honest and properly consult our clients. As a family run business, we take personal pride in our work. Cost Plus Pools, Inc comes from a foundation of over 40 years of doing expertise in the swimming pool industry. The name and reputation of Cost Plus Pools, Inc will live on in the pools we build. It is for this reason, Cost Plus Pools, Inc will never compromise quality to save a buck. We are in business for the long haul. From design and layout to rock and tile colors, Cost Plus Pools, Inc stands behind it’s work.

If you are interested in speaking to Cost Plus Pools, Inc and/or receiving an estimate for a custom waterscape, please contact us at 915-494-7285