Build Process

  • plans and permits
  • pool layout
  • excavation
  • steel “rebar installed”
  • rough plumbing
  • electrical pool ground
  • inspections (plumbing pressure test, steel and electrical ground)
  • shotcrete or placement of concrete
  • tile installed
  • flat work
  • deck forming
  • deck ground inspection
  • deck poured or paver installation
  • pool equipment installation
  • electrical service for the equipment
  • pool plaster
  • fill pool with water
  • equipment started
  • yard clean up
  • meeting with customer for pool care instructions
  • modify exterior gates to meet local codes
  • install alarms on rear doors leading to pool area
  • final inspections

1. Layout
Prior to any work being done, we paint the shape of your pool on the ground as a guide for the excavators. You approve the pool’s outline and position prior to the scheduling of the dig.

2. Excavation
Our unique excavation specifications include vertically excavated walls and flat floors. This creates a safer, more enjoyable and spacious swimming pool compared to the industry norm.
Our excavation crews are equipped with the newest trucks and equipment. This equipment, combined with our training and policies, results in crews that are able to leave your property free of damage, oil spills and any unprofessional mess.

3. Plumbing and Equipment
Your pool plumbing and equipment are the guts of your pool. Done correctly, a pool’s hydraulics will ensure years and years of trouble free enjoyment with minimal maintenance. Special features standard on our pool include dual main drains for safety, a high flow skimmer and looped returns for balanced water flow.

The schedule 40 PVC piping will be buried below your excavated pool forms to ensure long-term integrity. Easy to operate, and labeled for simplicity. Water flow is increased by the size of the pump and by the diameter of the piping. We routinely bid against undersized systems that will not provide enough water for good pool circulation, spa action or water feature needs. Compare these features and you will get an idea of a pool company’s desire for long term customer satisfaction.

4. Steel Rebar
Steel rebar is placed throughout your pool on a steel grid pattern. The steel reinforces the tensile strength of your pool’s concrete shell. The vast majority of pool companies use standardized steel specifications driven with the belief that the least expensive is the best. Our steel specifications will be developed and engineered for your particular pool, in your particular soil and with the unique load and stress of your pool design. Our one-pool-at-a-time engineering generates steel plans that will have a grid patterns that are typically 10” apart. Under boulders, near the patio or fences, and in other stress areas, we will place steel on 5” grids. We have never had a structural failure due to too little steel. This includes hundreds of pools on hillsides and with features such as disappearing edges. We will not sacrifice long term durability and peace of mind to save a few dollars!

Your pool is guaranteed for life against any steel rebar rust bleed-through, caused by placing steel too near the concrete surface. This rusting problem is excluded in many warranties but we believe that it is our responsibility to make sure this does not happen.

5. Electrical
Standard Features include a full –sized pool light with remote control abilities. A control panel will be placed at the equipment for daily, effortless pool system control. Many optional lighting and spa control systems are available to meet your budget and needs.

6. Shotcrete/Gunite
We use a special mix of gunite that test to 4000 psi. Industry standards are as low as 3000 psi. Our additional mix adds compaction strength to the concrete shell.

Our pneumatically placed (shot in place with air pressure) shell is a minimum thickness of 6”. In coves and stress areas it is a minimum of 8” thick. Our bond beam and other structural load areas will be 12” minimum thickness. We never come back to the homeowner and charge for additional concrete known as overbreak. (This can add up to several hundred dollars with other pool companies.)

Our lifetime pool shell warranty includes replacing water, chemicals, electricity, and complete repair of any interior or incidental damage should the shell ever develop a crack. We give this extensive warranty because we build pools that last!

7. Masonry and Rock
Like all the initial phases of construction, our masonry and rock work are built and engineered with long-term durability in mind. Now we add a new criteria—-appearance. Our rock installers and masons are closer to artists than construction workers. You may have chosen our pool because of our design awards, customer service reputation or how our pools look. Now you will see why we shine above our competitors. It comes down to pride in what we do, the attention to detail and the artistry these crews put into their work. The bottom line is if it doesn’t look great, we will do it again until it does. This approach develops crews who do it right the first time!

8. Decking
Tile deck, spray deck, pea gravel decks, pavers, colored concrete — you dream and we can do it. The large horizontal covering we call a pool deck is the most visible part of your pool. A deck must be well built for durability, heat resistance and chip resistance. It must stay in place, withstanding the movement of the soils it is built on.

The artistry of this stage must combine with many important construction issues. Frankly, our deck prices may be slightly higher than many of our competitors. But when you compare the thickness, the footings and the aesthetics, you will probably decide, as we have, that an extra few hundred dollars here is well-spent when it buys a lifetime of practical use and maintenance-free beauty.

9. Interior Surfaces
Again, there are many choices here. Tile surfaces, pebble surfaces, stone surfaces, plaster and an array of colors and textures allow for the pool to be individualized for your décor and needs. These surfaces must resist a wide variety of chemicals, constant attacks from hard water scaling and the sun. Our project manager will discuss the features, benefits and costs. Whatever your choice, we pledge the highest quality in materials and workmanship.